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Idek Last Time I had a dream with 2pac I am a rapper by the way. so it was white and bright and then it switched to a little peaceful cafe in Paris and we were chatting it up and talking about things over cups of coffee and pastries.But I cant remember the dream well but all I remember is that he was hidding from someone and asking me for help to cover him or help him look for someone... Then, I checked on his Instagram, and seen all the comments. That just happened like 5-6 minutes ago, and I'm scared for him. he started asking me about my grades in school and i was telling him about my failing grades (it actually is) and he told me not to worry because it's the end of the year and to start doing my work more and to not be scared to ask for help.In each dream we are in a place of all white and she is silently crying. I take her face in my hands and pull her toward me so our foreheads touch and speak words of comfort and reassurance to her: that she is valued and loved by so many even though she has passed.I rarely remember my dreams but these stand out to me vividly.I am actually attaining my dream job which has nothing to do with fame or celebrity, as I am a very shy and private person with no dreams of being famous.I'm quite curious to hear how others may interpret this particular dream cycle I seem to be in. i can't remember everything specifically but i know that we had a small, casual but respectful conversation.

Then I saw Khloe kardashian telling me to kill a ladybug.

All of us think that dreams of celebrities are just the representation of liking towards them and nothing else but many times these dreams are reflections of our inner fears or aspirations.

The person who achieves fame in particular area becomes celebrity and this achievement propels their admirers to dream of becoming a celebrity.

This is a sad fact that will happen to many adults but the thing is, a celebrity represents the height of dreams as they last.

Nearly everyone would give anything to be a rich and famous celebrity.

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  1. (Until he dumps you to go to college and you want to die.)AGE 17 Why are all the senior boys dating freshman girls? AGE 18 Seventeen million crushes on every guy who looks at you, talks to you, or is seated near you in chem lab.