Elucidating the behavior

Russia likewise will not see the rebirth of the Tsarist Empire with Orthodox Christian tradition as official ideology.We are a multi - ethnic society with a growing proportion of Islamic population. It is also worth noting in addition that, while liberals are a numerical minority in Russia, they are disproportionately influential: the Russian government is controlled by moderates, with Dmitry Medvedev as their head.Russian society is in transition - from pure form of totalitarianism to something new.This conservative moment in this transition represents more a rethinking of what the end of this transition will be rather than a refusal to change anything at all.Much power is in the hands of hyper wealthy oligarch class, who are by and large adherents of liberals ideas.If we put together all these facts, the conservative thrust of Mr Putin’s presidency leads in the direction of pragmatic syncretism: it is conservative only in the sense that it doesn’t share globalist optimism, but it is also not trying to guard an exhausted status quo.The expression “balance of power” gives us the key to understand Putin’s version of conservatism that will define the Russian politics during third and presumably fourth Presidential terms.

First, Russians like Americans, while not adverse to hearing the opinions of foreigners when it comes to domestic politics, certainly do not or should not be expected to take them into account.2.

Today, one can see the echoes of this formula in Putin’s policies.

In his first term, he cut Russia’s oligarchs down to size.

Putin’s conservative ideas by and large do not transgress the limits of the moderate form of Western type state or nation building.

This kind of the conservative is not too radical, nor excessive.

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