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Yet 'Remember Me' is just that." Elizabeth Wetizman of The New York Daily News also denounced the film's ending, writing, "There's no shame in exploring tragedy through art.But exploiting it to make your very ordinary movie feel more important?Caroline is bullied by classmates at a birthday party where they cut her hair off.Ally and Aidan visit Tyler's mother's apartment, where Caroline is sobbing.Tyler is happy that his father is spending time with Caroline. He looks on Charles's computer, featuring a slideshow of pictures with Tyler, Michael, and Caroline when they were younger.

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Aidan, who has since gotten a tattoo of Tyler's name on his arm, is working hard in school, and Ally gets on the subway at the same spot where her mother was killed.He approaches Tyler with the idea to get back at the detective by persuading him to sleep with and dump Ally.Tyler and Ally go to dinner, kiss at the end of the night, and continue seeing one another.Tyler accompanies his sister back to school, and when her classmates tease her for her new haircut, Tyler turns violent, and ends up in jail.Charles is impressed that Tyler stood up for his sister, and they connect.Charles asks Tyler to meet with the lawyers at his office.Tyler spends the night with Ally, and they reveal they love each other after making love. He calls Tyler to let him know this, and explains that he will be late.It touts forgiveness while being mildly infuriating.Such is the danger of borrowing from the enormous to merely entertain. Forgettable should be the last thing a movie touching on the events of 9/11 should be.Charles ignores his youngest child, Caroline, of whom Tyler is protective.One night, with his roommate, Aidan, Tyler gets involved in somebody else's fight, and is arrested by Neil.

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