Erin andrews dating dance

She’d knock out intervals and inclines on the treadmill or rowing machine, repeating to herself, “I’m going to beat this.I’m going to beat this.” “It was such a great release,” she says.Fitness has always been important to Andrews—she needs endurance to make it through long days on the set and field, and her intense workouts relieve stress and anxiety.

On an interview tour for White Claw, a hard seltzer company with which Andrews is currently partnering, she talked with SELF about how she managed a particularly packed life during her diagnosis and treatment.

That includes many girlfriends; her father, who’d survived prostate cancer; and Stoll, a former NHL player.

The two weren’t even engaged when she got diagnosed, and the experience brought them closer, she says.

“It’s not something I’m doing as leisure or fun; it’s a part of my job and a part of my life.”She took two days after her first procedure to “lay on the couch and do nothing,” but the Thursday after her Tuesday surgery, she boarded a red-eye from Los Angeles to Green Bay for the Packers-Cowboys game.

Andrews realizes her decision to keep working throughout treatment might seem strange to some.

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