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“You have to have those moments.”Humor also got her through the tension of her most recent follow-up appointment. After her first surgery failed to remove all the cancer, her doctor told her she’d need a hysterectomy.

She decided she could go it alone—until she got to the waiting room and felt like she was going to pass out. But she didn’t want to lose her fertility unless she had to—so she kept searching for an oncologist who understood her situation and gave her honest answers and a less drastic option.

A six-month check-up right before her July wedding to Jarret Stoll came back clear, and now, she’s opening up even more about her experience.

“It was more or less just to get my head right and not feel like I was hyperventilating all the time,” she says.

“The audience is tuning into us for a four-hour game or they’re tuning into us for a two-hour show,” she says.

“Part of our job is to forget what’s going on in our personal lives and get out there and smile.”In hotel rooms, she’d perch in the window, soaking up sunlight.

Fitness has always been important to Andrews—she needs endurance to make it through long days on the set and field, and her intense workouts relieve stress and anxiety.

Though she had to take about a week and a half off after each surgery, she went back to the gym as soon and as often as she could.

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