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How many times have you gone out to clubs/bars.a nice and hot person, then eneded up F#$king them? people make assumptions on something they have no or very little knowledge about.

hmmmm, we all know about the night life, don't we... So, dating an exotic dancer in my books is 100% awesome, and lets not judge people with the choices they make in life!!!!!! another ignorant know-it-allthank you so much for this thread, OP. have fun way up there, n good luck w the business!!

I find that a dancer, well, most of them are clean and very healthy looking..

You don't need to be an exotic dancer to have a bad name..there are plenty of girls out there that are not dancers and are very trashy...dirty and slutty.

I simply don't see how a stripper in a club who I know is only trying to hustle money from me could be the least bit exciting or "fun".

One of the characters wrote poetry but couldn't get the weekend off to go to poetry events.

Yes there will always be men willing to spend money in such places otherwise they'd have ceased to exist long, long ago.

OP while most of your girls might NOT be the stereotypical strippers there are enough of the sleazy drug addicted, promiscious prostitutes in G strings still working the trade to keep those general impressions alive.

Being a stripper is not now and probably never will be thought of as not that big a deal so that will have to be accepted by those making that choice.

Trying to paint such women as just doing a job or whatever foolish justifications others have offereed also won't improve what others think of such "entertainers".

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