F prot not updating

If a dialog appears here about wrong fs type then -t xxx (where xxx is the ntfs or fat32 for filesystem) needs to be put in after the 'mount'.

Updates of the programs and of the virus data (if we ignore third party solutions), can only be done manually, by looking from time to time at the web or FTP site to see if there are newer versions of the virus information files, and if there are, downloading them and replacing the older files in the directory where you put the program with the newer ones.

I had some problems with creating floppy images using Win Image and Partition Magic rescue diskettes.

I have found Virtual Floppy Drive and extracted it to some dir.

Some of the information below is very basic, but some is much less trivial.

If you are not an experienced PC user, you might prefer to skip some parts in this document which offer some advanced features, but might be complicated to follow to a pedestrian.

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