F prot not updating

Someone suggested that I make a Knoppix Live CD and use f-prot to fix it. But the instructions I was given say to go to "K Menu→KNOPPIX→Utilities→Install software". I tried downloading the install files from the f-prot website and unpacked them.

According to the readme, I should be able to copy the files into a folder and use the install file. I found this thread on a different forum which seems to be about the same issue but don't understand what they're talking about. That link says that the old Knoppix dated around 2005 used to have the install script but is no longer used which is why you don't see it, nor me in my Knoppix. I tried this with an older Knoppix and opened a terminal in Knoppix. Change to that directory and type: ./note the period '.' and slash '/' I just hit 'Enter' at each dialog that followed and it installed. That is an old version with old virus definitions and it wants to update them.

To quit VFD simply type these two commands: 'stop' and 'exit'.

F-Prot for DOS is an antivirus program free for home noncommercial use.

Some of the information below is very basic, but some is much less trivial.

If you are not an experienced PC user, you might prefer to skip some parts in this document which offer some advanced features, but might be complicated to follow to a pedestrian.

no option for running the antivirus in the background for providing active protection).

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This is not relevant in the case of Win95/98/ME, because those operating system use FAT (FAT16 or FAT32) filesystem rather than NTFS.

I have tested the instructions on my Win98, and I believe that it should work on other Windows operating systems as well.

I would however, appreciate feedback about testing them on other versions of Windows, and of course since I offer this information as a free service, I take no responsibility.

I've never used any Linux system before so please bear with me if I don't understand everything.

I have a Windows computer that's having virus/malware problems I haven't been able to fix.

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