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Other than water, the human brain is mostly fat and has a lot of a particular kind of fat: an omega-3 fat called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).We can’t make omega-3 fats; they have to come from what we eat, and women tend to stash their DHA in the same hip and leg fat that men value.Her unusually small waist is only part of what makes a Playmate so curvy.The other part is having relatively normal- size hips and legs that are well endowed with fat.Even a thin woman carries an astonishing amount of fat in her legs and hips—about a third of her body weight. Those surveyed in 54 non-Western tribal groups almost always preferred women with large or fat hips and legs.The total amount of fat a human female carries is seven times that of other animals, and much more than men!

In other studies we have conducted, we find that children who live in countries where mothers have high levels of DHA in their breast milk score high on international tests of academic ability regardless of differences in income. Children earn the highest scores in places with very high levels of omega-3 fat intake, like Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where most women have slender hourglass figures.

That this kind of hourglass figure is not only typical of the women men pay to look at, such as Playmates and adult film stars, but is also a preference found in many different social groups and cultural settings, suggests it has been shaped over millennia by evolutionary forces, like our tastes for sugar and fat.

The preferred women are remarkably alike, and the similarity of their measurements and men’s reactions to them further suggests that there is a specific template buried deep in men’s minds.

It couldn’t be just a matter of calories, because it’s easy for the mothers to get them simply by eating more of anything.

Just as human mothers have seven times more body fat than other animals, human babies have a body part that is seven times larger than the one in other animals—an enormous brain that grows fastest in the first two years of life.

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