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National Adoption Center Every child has the right to a permanent family.

The Council advocates the right of every child to a permament, continuous, nurturing and culturally sensitive family, and presses for the legal adoptive placement of any child denied that right.

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* Many of the websites and organizations below provide helpful information and resources for fathers and families, but this listing should not be considered an endorsement by the National Center for Fathering of everything you might find on these sites. Iowa Fatherhood Michigan – A Father’s Walk – Single Dads Ministry Michigan – Dads of Michigan Missouri / St. Phitch — One Extraordinary Hedgehog Me and Fatherhood Project Family – Dale Sadler Raising Parents Blog The Three Five Zero Home Who’s Your Daddy? Louis) Voices of Men Center for Parent-Youth Understanding Common Sense Media F. of Education’s “Helping Your Child” Series Family Education Growing Field History Channel i Interactive Math One Potato Parent Involvement Matters Tutor Index – USA & Canada Tutor Match Blended Families Smart Stepfamilies STEP-!

All Pro Dad Become a Better Father Better Dads Dad Labs Dad Man Daddy123 D. Louis – Fathers’ Support Center South Dakota – Fatherhood First Tennessee – First Things First Texas – Faithful Fathering Initiative Washington – D. – A Diary Abba Father – Gordon Dalbey Christian Fatherhood Christian Teens – Parenting Family Man Ministries Family Time Training The Father’s Cry Finding Father’s Love Focus on the Family His Servants IBOLT: International Biblical Online Leadership Training INCM Children’s Pastors’ Conference Men As Learners and Elders (M. Stepcoupling Step Dadding Stepducks Their purpose is to ...

As clinicians we have become aware of a phenomenon, briefly mentioned in Justice and Justice (1979, p.212) and in Summit and Kryso (1978), which may be as prevalent as incest.Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture Zero To Three Act for Autism Autism 4 Dads dys Talk Family Voices Fathers Network LD On Line National Center for Learning Disabilities PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Suzanne Berton – author of books for kids Through the Looking Glass (disability community) Transition Coalition Bully Free The Character Network Child Proof Advice Disaster Readiness Kit Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention Kid Safety Learn Psychology: Suicide Awareness & Prevention National Association for Shoplifting Prevention National Safe Kids Campaign Parents.The Anti-Drug Safe Child Take 25 – Make time to talk about child safety.We call this phenomenon "counter-incest" because it is based on a reaction-formation to incestuous desires and impulses experienced by a father and a daughter.The dynamic of counter-incest are well illustrated by a twenty-eight-year-old female patient who displays a severe rejection racket.Abstract: Counter-incest victims are daughters whose fathers turn away in apparently cold rejection as the daughters reach adolescence and incestuous impulses arise in both father and daughter.This action, a defensive reaction-formation on the father's part, leads to a negative self-image for the daughter.PAUL’s Child Health and Wellness Info Site Family First Family IQ Foundation of Family Values It’s a Habit!Financial Literacy for Kids i Parenting Kids in the House Kinder Start Love and Logic Institute Parent To Parenting Bookmark Parenting With Dignity Parents Educating Parents & Professionals, Inc.He no longer touched, held, or even complimented her. The developmental histories of counter-incest victims are similar to the one just described.Father and daughter are described as having been very close in the early developmental years, with father being warm, making good physical contact, holding, caressing, and generally attending to his daughter.

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  1. In September 2012, she was featured in a campaign called "30 Songs / 30 Days" to support Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a multi-platform media project inspired by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn’s book.