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An ad in the So Ho Weekly News (Vol.2 #15 pg.27) exists with them billed simply as Blondie. This was our jungle night show, with me, Tish, and Snooky dressed as jungle girls in leather skins tied with thongs and accented by bits of fur. 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. The book was about a NY band from the mid 70s but I can't remember their name or the book." [*new*] Danny Fields writes about the revival of Jackie Curtis' play "Vain Victory "in his column on pg 44 of So Ho Weekly News Vol 3 No.

Chris' statement is supported by John Holstrom, who wrote in his book "The Best of Punk Magazine" pg 177 (2012), "Blondie were the only band from the CBGB scene who also hung out at Studio 54; they played benefits for the Gay Liberation Movement, served as the CBGB house band, and were friendly with all the disparate elements of the 1970's rock scene." (ad listing) [*new*] Blondie and the Banzai Babies opening for Harlem Drive. In between sets, Fred freaked Chris out by telling him he was going to replace Richard Hell in Television over the weekend." The band performed two sets. 11 that "Blondie's band provided the spirited accompaniment and everyone was in top form." This is one of the first positive reports about the band.

94, exists: (ad listing) In his So Ho Weekly news column, (Vol. Replacing Richard temporarily will probably be the bass player of Blondie, and no doubt Television will continue as before, but Richard will be missed. 44 pg 112 (ad listing) Big Halloween Weekend: Heartbreakers, Tuff Darts, Blondie, Manster, and Shadow. Gig flyer exists: "CBGB Valentines Day Weekend Miamis and Blondie" (Feb 13,14,15) [printed in England] and an ad exists in the Village Voice Vol XXI No.7 pg 134 (ad listing) with Miamis and Razors Edge. I was in the DJ booth when a very nice couple(Chris and Debbie) came up to me and handed me two copies of X-Offender/In The Sun on Private Stock records.

"As of the Spring of 2015, Fred Smith is still the bass player for Television. Gig flyer exists: "CBGB Valentines Day Weekend Miamis and Blondie" (Feb 13,14,15) [printed in England] and an ad exists in the Village Voice Vol XXI No.7 pg 134 (ad listing) Blondie's concert with Mink De Ville at Max's on 2/29 was published in the Openings section of the Village Voice, Vol. I can remember playing that 45 several times over the next few months.

jam: "Anarchy in the UK" with Joan Jett and "I wanna be your dog" with Joan Jett on guitar, Rodney Bingenheimer on keyboards and Tony & Hunt Sales (Iggy Pop band), also Clem lead vocals and Debbie as "the dog". Blondie with guest star: Fred Smith (Television); 9. MC: PUNK staff: Legs Mc Neil, John Holmstrom, Tom , Hal Lester. Chris's band itineraries had the venue misspelled as Mc Farland's Auditorium. In Best #123 the venue for this show is advertised as being Paris, "Le Palace".

[*new*] This date isn't listed in Blondie's itinerary, but The Kinks archivist Doug Hinman indicates this gig with Blondie; Radio Stars; Little Bob Story; Tyla Gang; Japan; Lindisfarne (this is also supported by the "History" link on the Bilzen website which indicates the festival was August 10-13). The hour of the show is also given, being 22h (10 pm). An attendee writes: "It was a weeknight, a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.

(ad listing) First Angel and the Snake gig at CBGB (source: George Gimarc, "Punk Diary") with the Ramones. Note: it is NOT "Angel and the Snakes" -- this is this is a perpetuating error in many publications documenting this period in Blondie history.

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Please send all scans, additions, or corrections to Barry L. Special thanks to Chris Stein for giving us access to the itineraries in his personal collection. For your convenience, search [*new*] for changes since previous update (of 2012 Feb. Archived versions available: 2015 Mar 22 · 2014 Sep 25 · 2014 Apr 04 · 2014 Feb 17 · 2014 Jan 01 · 2012 Feb 19 · 2011 Feb 24 Stillettoes (pre-Blondie: from August 1973 to May 1974).

Rock festival (Blondie, Tuff Darts, Talking Heads). 44 of Making Tracks and a 2-concert online bootleg audio recording from vivalesbootlegs. (gig flyer) Test pressings of "Blondie" were made for Private Stock Records at the Specialty records Corporation plant in Oliphant, PA. Set 1: Money Go Love; Poet's Problem/Little Girl Lies; Rifle Range; Bermuda Triangle Blues; Euphony; Contact In Red Square; I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear; Rip Her To Shreds; Kung Fu Girl; In The Sun; X Offender. Mickey Rose (Editor of Cheap Thrills) - Poetry Reading; 12.

Setlist (documented from information at Little Girl Lies; In The Flesh; Moonlight Drive; Charlotte the Harlot; Platinum Blonde; Man Overboard; Thin Line; Heat Wave; Attack of the Giant Ants. Setlist: Heat Wave; Man Overboard; Little Girl Lies; A Girl Should Know Better; I Cover the Waterfront; Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground cover); Lullaby (early version of Just Go Away); Attack of the Giant Ants. Set 2: Fan Mail; Poet's Problem; You Look Good In Blue; Euphony; Contact In Red Square; Moonlight Drive; A Shark In Jet's Clothing; I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear; band intros; X Offender. The Lester Bangs Conspiracy, very loose jam with Jay Dee Daugherty (PSG), Fred Smith (Television), Andy Shernoff (Dictators), Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri (Blondie), Legs Mc Neil (PUNK). / Free 'N' Easy Hemel or 175p at door (i.a.) Membership 25p.

The "Slaves of Rhythm" was a drag act, Chris named Fayette Hauser, Tomata du Plenty, and Gorilla Rose.

[*new*] Blondie and the Ramones performing after the Savage Voodoo Nuns (misspelled Woodo Nuns in the Village Voice ad). Needs, 2012), this gig was keyboardist Jimmy Destri's first appearance.

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