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"We're having a baby G-man." "But, how can this be? He buried his face her in hair inhaling the strawberry and cream scent that was Scully, and only Scully. They were going to be parents to a child they never thought was going to be. The morning vomiting sessions that she tried to keep secret but couldn't. A woman who was once told that she could never bare children, stood before him harboring a new life inside her."Open up Frohike, I've got three fat cubans here and a bottle of scotch with your guys names on it." "Scotch? Come on it Mulder." He could hear the multiple locks being clicked and unlocking, and finally the large door swung open with a grinning Frohike standing behind it. "You never show up anymore except for a case, and never with cigars and scotch." "It's a celebration boys." He pulled the three cigars out of his pocket and stuffed each one into each of the gunmen's mouths, then took a seat on a large chair, propping his feet up on a table.He noticed the bag in Mulder's hand and immediately grabbed, not bothering to look at the brand before opening it and taking a large swig. "Scully's pregant" his face was plastered with a huge grin. "I'll kill the bastard, he won't know what happened. The nark here thought that you guys would get together one day, but not yet, not until the X-Files are solved.He threw on his leather jacket and sneaked into the living room for a goodbye kiss from Scully. He stopped at the local convienence store on the way and the next thing he knew, he was banging on their large metal door."Password please." Frohike's voice could be heard over the intercom." "Not even close." She scanned down the list of houses and apartments."Which do you prefer Mulder, house or three bedroom apartment?

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We're in no hurry." "I know that Scully, but I feel like my life is just beginning." He pulled her onto his lap and kissed the crown of her head. "Almost all of my dreams have come true now." "Which one hasn't? She had made it her job in over the past three months to make him happy, she enjoyed seeing him happy and carefree. I'll tell you another day, right now I just want to sit here and look at the paper. He planted a brief kiss on her cheek before taking the phone from her outstretched arm. "Well Fox, how would you and Dana like to go out for a meal tonight? Scully found it harder and harder to concentrate on the conversation with her mother, but she had already hung up on her once already and didn't think it fair to do it again.She sat down at the kitchen table and dialed her mother's number. Well, as long as you're both happy that's all that matters" "I'm glad you understand mom. He gave her his best puppy dogs eyes, but she wasn't falling for it and turned her back on him.After half an hour of the typical mother-daughter chat, with the additional subject of the baby, the ultimate question arose from her mother. I mean, we're certainly not the 'traditional couple', now are we? Thank you." "Sweetheart, it doesn't matter what you do, I will always be proud of you. Mulder returned to the living room, leaving Scully alone to finish properly her conversation with her mother.There did however, remain a tinge of doubt at the backs of both their minds that this child could be another Emily. They both knew that this child would be loved without a shadow of doubt."Well we're going to have to find a bigger place now, neither my apartment or your apartment is going to be big enough for the three of us." He let her go and quickly scrammed for the newspaper.Everything is going to be perfect." "Well 'sweetheart', you sit there and find us a house. I did kinda leave her hanging earlier." "Okay." Scully left the living room and Mulder reading the newspaper. " "I just want to pass on my congratulations to the father to be..." "Okay, hang on a moment while I get him." Scully turned away from the phone, and covered the mouthpiece with her hand. My treat, a kind of celebratory dinner." "Sure, that would be great Mrs.." "Alright then. So, she lightly hit Mulder of the arm to try and stop him from his actions.Taking the phone from its cradle, Scully headed for the kitchen. When that didn't work, she began to wiggle around, eventually breaking free of his grasp.Last time he called and I answered the phone he basically told me to go crawl in a sewer.I think he's still upset over Aspen." She walked over and placed her hand on top of his head, fluffing his hair."Real cheap, DC motorcourt on the outskirts of town.You too can own your own trailer and live wilderness style in the city.

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