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Cypriot MPs are terrified that foreign investors will leave the country.And by foreign investors, they mean the Russian oligarchs, businessmen and shadowy mafiosi who have flocked here over the past 20 years, buying up real estate, investing billions — and turning the place into a little Moscow.The site is only for people who are of the age of 18 and over.

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If you are a sissy hypno looking for some jerk off instructions then we have some of the best porn videos in the market.The women in this femdom videos will whip, punish and humiliate you while giving you some of the best jerk off instructions to keep you Cuming.We have a wide range of girls from ebony, biracial, white and Asian who will ensure that you do not remain a sissy hypno forever.And when the music stopped at 3am, the rich young jet-set of the island’s seaside city of Limassol roared away in Porsches and Range Rovers to party the rest of the night away at million-pound mansions in the hills or swish, newly built apartments overlooking palm-fringed beaches.As blonde Katy Mass, a 29-year-old Moscow-born divorcee and businesswoman who was spending an evening at the club with three Russian girlfriends, said simply: ‘Cyprus is heaven and we Russians love the sun. Its banks are shut and 70 per cent of the island’s account holders (including many of the 50,000 Russians who live here) have applied to withdraw all their money if, and when, the banks ever open their doors again.Typically, the Russians cheat the system by putting their illegal money in anonymous ‘shell’ companies in Cyprus, taking advantage of the low rate of corporation tax, the discreet banks and a government that asks few questions of foreign investors.‘The Russian mafia uses Cyprus extensively,’ said Hubert Faustmann, associate professor of European Studies at Nicosia University, recently.‘That is one reason why Russia has no wish to see Cyprus go down economically.’ EU finance chiefs are reluctant to give a bailout to an island that they suspect is a safe haven for billions of pounds of laundered cash each year and which benefits Russians operating on the wrong side of the law At a posh car rental company on the promenade, the Russian manager, 30-year-old Anna Lazova, offers a day’s hire of a Maserati or Aston Martin DB9 for £1,400.You can watch online or just download your favorite video on your mobile phone; you can also save some of your favorite videos to watch later or share some with your friends.You do not have to remain a sissy hypno anymore simply watch any of our jerk off instructions and you will be instantly turned into a pro.There are plenty of other places for our rich to go: the Cayman Islands, Jersey, Luxembourg. As a financial centre, the island’s reputation is ruined.’ But it was not only the sunshine that attracted them.As Russia’s elite grew rich after the fall of communism, the Cypriot authorities didn’t ask awkward questions about bank deposits or where the money came from (with interest rates of up to 6 per cent).

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