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The list of your connections is enough to tell everything about you, may be even better then the content of your conversations via phone.And I doubt that they are doing it without serious reasons and transcribing and analyzing your calls cost serious money.If publishing of your email box can cause you embarrassment or more serious harm the only place to keep this mailbox (may be outside the recent week or two) in encrypted thumb drive that is inserted in your laptop/desktop strictly for the period of your working with your email.In a way after Snowden revelations we all now need to learn Aesop language (slang is actually almost in-penetratable to computer analysis, unless they are specifically programmed for the particular one) and be more careful.Your real account should always be the account on one of small ISP on your own domain, and possibly using special DNS server.Or, at least, POP3 account on your laptop, which does not store any emails on the server.To say nothing that due to ubiquity of electronic communications all your life is watched anyway, as if East Germany STASI now became a universal world-wide phenomenon.

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Facebook is nothing but an intelligence database about their users. So it is users data is what Facebook actually sells.

Several high profile email leaks happened after Snowden revelations.

So it looks like in cyberspace a large number of people is more reckless then they behave in a "normal" environment.

But we now need to understand that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are no different.

But after Snowden revelations the usage of Facebook/Yahoo/Gmail accounts was not affected.

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  2. UPDATE 10/20/2014 Murat Demirbas wrote a summary on It's not possible to retrieve data from RDBMS for user friends data for data which cross more than half a billion at a constant time so Facebook implemented this using a hash database (no SQL) and they opensourced the database called Cassandra.