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One of the wildest streets in the country, Bourbon Street is home to authentic local bars and unique live music.

But the reason we love this city is because the nighttime activities aren’t limited to the famed Bourbon Street.

Be sure to check out Kaka‘ako, the up-and-coming neighborhood that's home to the city’s newest and most unique lounges and bars.

Hot Spot: Addiction Nightclub at the Modern Honolulu Nightlife is not limited to loud dance clubs and pricey drinks.

As a 23 year old balding man I'm in a hurry to find love.In fact, Miami is one of the wildest cities in the country.There’s a reason why people like the Kardashians and the cast of are attracted to “America’s Riviera.” If your idea of the perfect night out includes plush lounges, chic nightclubs, scantily-clad women, and expensive cocktails, head to Miami’s South Beach neighborhood.There's no specific spot to let loose in NYC because the city itself is one giant party. Hot Spot: Hotel Chantelle, Lower East Side While Hawaii is known for its relaxing and romantic atmosphere, in bustling Honolulu the locals really know how to live it up.Whether you want to drink in a hut on the beach, dance amongst hordes of visitors and locals in Downtown Honolulu’s hot clubs, or listen to live music in Chinatown’s underground venues, you’ll be surprised by how much the city livens up after the couples and kids turn in.That being said, sometimes it’s nice to situate yourself in a place that welcomes a party.If what you're looking for in your next weekend adventure or New Year's Eve celebration is a combination of thumping beats, big crowds, and very late “last calls,” we suggest hitting up one of these celebration-ready cities.Hot Spot: The Light at Mandalay Bay New Orleans has more bars per capita than any other American city, and Mardi Gras isn't the only time of year when the locals get a little rowdy.The rabble-rousing goes on all year in this vibrant southern city.Visitors can find fun neighborhood joints on Frenchman Street as well.Hot Spot: The Spotted Cat Music Club, Frenchman Street Not sure what kind of night you’re after? New York City has the widest variety of nightlife in the U. Within one block you can hop from a live music venue, to a bumping nightclub, to a hole-in-the-wall dive bar.

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