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The evidence against Chen, though, was circumstantial, Congresswoman Flemming told NCIS.After she ordered that Chen only be surveyed versus arrested on charges he’d easily beat, Chen showed up at Gibbs’ home to inform him and Bishop that he has been working for the CIA, to help bring in a Syrian warlord.Bishops and Gibbs have such an interesting relationship, because her really believes in her, and to her, he is the ultimate mentor, so obviously his opinion means a lot.She knows she did the wrong thing, that she let him down, but she also knows he would have dome the same thing.That doesn’t sit well at all with Bishop, so she swaps phones with Flemming and leads Chen to a rendezvous, where she presents him with a “Sophie’s choice”: wait for punishment at the hands of the Syrians she just ratted him out to, or trigger the virus that would explode the generator to which he was cuffed.

When Gibbs caught wind of Bishop’s rogue investigation, by running into her and Reeves at the same abandoned radio tower that played a role in Chen’s latest scheme, they awkwardly worked together to learn that the plan was to infect diesel-run generates with a virus that would make them explode.

Read More Steven Spielberg says that he's toying with the idea of giving the iconic role to a female star.

Asked during an interview if it was a possibility to make such a radical change, the Hollywood ...

We hope and pray it's the same where you are, but the sun is shining down on HP HQ this morning. The Oscar Wilde-inspired comedy 'The Importance of Nothing' hits the road from 9-28 April. Read More Part Irish, part Palestinian, the Galway girl Roisin El Cherif has just released the first song from her upcoming EP.

During the making of her new EP, to be released in the Summer of 2018, ...

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  1. I think singles would be quite interested in dining establishments, and places where they could go to meet potential partners (so, a thriving night life, but not a nightlife that primarily caters to short-term mating).