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Don't let the simplicity fool you: The simple, fresh ingredients work together in beautiful flavor harmony. This homey Houston institution has been going strong since 1938, when Nona and Aubrey Lankford set up a small fruit stand.

Burgers were introduced in the late 1970s, and they were such a hit that the fruit (and the entire grocery store concept) was phased out to let the burgers take center stage.

This burger is made with a thick hand-formed patty of free-range beef from Columbia River Reserve, Gruyère, onion rings, pickle relish, butter lettuce, and aïoli, and it’s served on a brioche bun from a local bakery. The Filler is one of them; it comprises two all-beef burger patties, bacon, a fried egg, ham, lettuce, raw white onion, Tillamook Cheddar, and tomato, and is served on a sesame seeded bun. puts it in her review, “It is a handful, mouthful, and messy, but worth it! Executive chef David Bull grew up in his family’s restaurant, where he picked up not only a love of cooking, but also a deep knowledge of how to run a successful kitchen and restaurant. His approach is “Natural American,” as he puts it, which means using local ingredients when possible and cooking with the seasons.

One menu item that’s available year-round — and for good reason — is the Congress Burger.

After being boarded up in the 1970s, it was reopened in 1993 by Russell George, who, until he died in 2013, hosted an amazing atmosphere with a fantastic jukebox in a bar whose every step creaks, and whose every inch holds the tantalizing smell of the incredible slow-cooked “soul burgers” the joint is known for.

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This is a straightforward beef burger topped with lettuce, melted Cheddar, onion, and tomato on an olive oil bun.No, neither is it The Varsity’s staying power (founder Frank Gordy launched it with a ,000 nest egg and "million dollar taste buds" in 1928) and its expansion to some eight locations in the greater Atlanta and Athens areas.It’s because it sells one of the country’s most idiosyncratic burgers: the double chili cheeseburger.Angelenos breathed a savory sigh of relief when Irv's reopened in a new location last year after losing their lease in 2013. This Portland gem is all about using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available, and that commitment definitely shines through in the finished product.Their revival was partially thanks to a local community group calling themselves the Burger Brigade, dedicated to saving their beloved burger institution. There’s a deft hand on display here, too, evident in the flagship burger, The Original. Husband and wife duo Bill and Gail Kreger have been serving 28 different burgers on a stretch of suburban Portland road for more than 35 years, and have garnered a loyal following for their awesome burger concoctions.There’s something going on with the buns ‘round these parts — they get condensed and sweeter once find yourself in Atlanta.Make no mistake, this is a greasy cheeseburger, more compact than most double cheeseburgers, but one whose sloppy, cheesy saltiness all comes together in a solid, but proportionately fluid burger, both texturally and flavor-wise.The Double Deluxe is an ideal burger specimen: two patties, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickle relish, on a soft, squishy bun, sold for a whopping .90. Enjoying two of these thin and crusty burgers draped in melted cheese and tucked onto a squishy bun while perched on a stool at the counter may just be the perfect burger-eating experience. If you like your burger big and bold, the sirloin burger sold at this converted gas station about a half-hour’s drive from Miami is worth seeking out.The place will be crowded, you’ll most likely wait for more than an hour for your order, and you’ll leave smelling like smoke, but it’ll all be worth it as soon as you see the 13-ounce, hand-formed, fresh-ground grilled burger hit your table.Called the Texas, this half-pound, hand-formed patty is topped with melt-in-your-mouth fried onions and your choice of seven cheeses (opt for American).Wash the Texas down with a cold beer and it’ll quickly become obvious why Waterfront has become such an institution. Sitting in a sprawling, fully refurbished turn-of-the-century printing building, Schlafly's name implies that the star of the show here is beer — of which there is plenty — but the real menu gem is the ground sirloin tap room burger, featuring burger slaw, white Cheddar, and an English muffin bun.

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