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Classic courtship gets the trendy, hipster treatment at Mission Bowl.

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Come on, if you can feel romantic whilst carving up slabs of meat then the relationship is most definitely a winner! It's more about having some fun, and yes, getting up close and personal in the old touch department. Bethnal Green's St Margarets House offers it's very own 'Collegiate Shag' night called Shag Pile, which is billed as 'innuendo-laden swing dance of the 1930s'.Lucky for you, dear reader, we've amassed a great list of romantic ideas that will not only help you find love, but will reignite your love of our beautiful city.Take a glimpse through, fire off a text to that special someone, and let fate do the rest.The silver ring workshop looks super fun if you fancy a bit of metallic creativity (with cocktails), but they also offer up 3D drawing classes and balloon pit disco. A convenient dinner/drink date near a Muni or BART station (for a quick escape) can sometimes be just the ticket.Learn the tips, then put into practice the morning after the night before *wink wink*. The ring-making date Now, don't get ahead of yourselves.We get that making a ring together might be a little matrimonial, however, all the classes at hip London hang out Drink Shop Do are all 100% date worthy.Chilly beach walks, cosy pubs and all ALL the fresh oysters you could wish for.Be sure to visit the Old Neptune pub, situated right on the beach, to 100% up the romance factor. The record shopping date If one or both of you are in any way music lovers, getting together over a shared passion is always a good thing. Grabbing a coffee and visiting your local record fair or store is a great shout (think Zooey Deschanel in 10.Come during the week when the wait list for the two first-come, first-served lanes is generally shorter.If you’re into setting up rom-com levels of twee but want to resist the cliched ice skating date, the Church of 8 Wheels is the perfect retro alternative.

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