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German kids are given bikes in which they push themselves along with their feet. In contrast, kids in the USA start by having training wheels. If Germans get into relationships, it goes from 0 to 100 in like a few weeks. I mean, all my German friends in relationships will probably be in the relationship for years and years and years. Which actually makes me wonder how Germans ever form relationships! I used to babysit for a German/American family in Heidelberg.My future children will most definitely have a German bike for the selfish purpose of watching them look absolutely adorable. It is definitely more accepted to have kids out-of-wedlock so couples might have a child or two and then get married. The wife was American and one day she asked me if I was seeing anyone.Germans also put their birth date and martial status on their resume. Honestly, some of them speak better English than me! They are genuinely curious and very willing to learn about American culture. I feel like I won’t be a real German until I own something from Jack Wolfskin. Craftsmanship overall is much better in Germany than the USA. To go along with #16, there are more small companies and family-run businesses in Germany than the USA. Germans might excel in efficiency and order but have absolutely no idea how to properly line up! Although let’s be honest, most Americans can’t handle it either. Germans are much more reserved with emotions…and I’m not. While Germans are inquisitive and blunt about American culture, they still believe all the American stereotypes.haha, I’m amazed at the level of competency and complexity that they know as a population! I actually never really realized this until I moved to the United Kingdom. Every drink in German is served sparkling, even water! Probably doesn’t help that I was a cheerleader and in a sorority. It is funny to talk to them about it and dispel some of the beliefs associated with the stereotypes (and no, my sorority did not have pillow fights in just our bras and underwear! I find Germans are much more respectful of women and the equality of women.

Women’s Rights Christina says: Women are seen as fully equal here and have the same rights as men.So no, I can’t tell you my weight in kilos, my height in centimeters, or the temperature in Celsius. But I can tell you all of that information in pounds, inches, and Fahrenheit! I’m obsessed with bagels and could only find them in one place in Germany: Munich. Dating Locals Christina says: Like most Western European countries, norms and traditions aren’t that different from back home in the US.The same standards you would expect as an American are perfectly acceptable here as well. Types of Men Christina says: German men are typically shyer and not as outgoing as their American counterparts. Two typical types of men include: the native German, who sticks mostly with his own local group of friends, and the outgoing type who is probably a tourist. Like a “get me on a plane because I want to move back to Germany ASAP” kind of missing it. Germans think it is ridiculous how much Americans sue.I realized that even though I left Germany 6 months ago, there are still so many posts on Germany I haven’t published. In Germany, they have up to 3 different Santa Claus figures! To go along with #2, Christmas is celebrated on the night of the 24th in Germany. On New Year’s, they shoot off fireworks to celebrate the new year. If you do, you will either be hit by a bike or very sternly yelled at by a German (which is honestly very frightening! I think I’ve mentioned this before but German men dress so much better than American men. We sue (or threaten to sue) substantially more than Germans. I’ve corrected a lot of papers for Germans writing in English…and they all make the same grammatical mistakes: super long sentences, wrong preposition usage, and lots of transitional words.Transportation Christina says: I feel completely safe using any form of transportation here.Shady Areas for Women Christina says: There is no inherently dangerous place for women here.Feminine Hygienic Products Christina says: Anything that you would be able to find in the USA is fully available here.Birth Control Christina says: Similar to in the US, birth control is available if you have a doctor’s prescription.

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