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In this database, you’ll find the job title, years of service and salary for every Erie School District employee, along with education level for teachers and administrators.You can sort the database by name, salary or any other category.I live near this store and there are consistent problems here.I called the police to let them know customers were being locked inside and that it seemed to be a fire hazard.Needless to say I will never go back to the location on University Blvd! Stopped in here for lunch and 10 minutes after ordering, Erica comes out to the dining area and announces that they are closing the lobby due to a grease problem in the kitchen.She put a sign on the door announcing the closing to be between and pm.That works there toya she always have a nasty attitude she very rude!!!!I dont like bein disrespected in such a rude mannor I not eat there as long as she works there I refuse to I will take my hard earned money to some where the food is ok but I could do better. Corp.get.anything done after another 45 min wait I got my order replaced after I told them a.refund and did not get a refund the manager Charles time with me to a.did a better.

And then Latasha hands me 3 sandwiches and I tolx her all the food was cold so she threww so fries in the bag. All of this because I asked for tbe price of a Combo Meal. First they couldnt take the order through drive through and kept repeating it back incorrectly, then we had to wait for over a half hour to get the food ( we spent an hour there total ) they took my credit card and made us wait over a half hour from THAT point.

I asked why and she said because they had “so many orders”.

There were still only 2 other cars in the parking lot.

The company is best known for their square burgers on square buns called “Sliders”.

In 1998, the company tried introducing a square chicken “burger” called a Krystal Chik. A breakfast menu item, called The Scrambler, which is served in a Styrofoam cup, has also become extremely popular. When I pulled up to the drive-thru there were two other cars ahead of me, both had placed their orders and were waiting on them.

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