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Timothy Jull, the current Director of the laboratory, to make the preliminary arrangements for the samples to be photographed. Charles Mader, who had a parallel interest in the research Helmut was doing and Holger Kersten, another noted German Shroud researcher and author.Helmut, Charles and Holger each made tax deductible contributions directly to STERA, Inc.You should find this an interesting look at the important Shroud and Website events in 2012.Today's update, although considerably smaller than our last one in August, contains some extremely important news and information that we wanted to get to you before the upcoming holidays.It also gives us the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a joyous and healthy New Year. is very proud to announce that our current Index to Shroud Spectrum International page, online since 1997, will soon be upgraded to include the contents of all 42 issues of the only English language peer reviewed journal ever exclusively devoted to scientific and scholarly studies of the Shroud.

We plan to produce a CD-ROM disc of all 51 high resolution (4256 x 2848) images and all written documentation and make it available early next year.

In our January update, to complete the collection, we will add a series of monographs by noted Shroud scholars that were presented at various BSTS meetings in the 1980's and 1990's.

Consider it BSTS "Bonus Material." And of course, the January update will also include the latest December 2012 issue (# 76).

As most everyone knows, each laboratory kept portions of their samples in reserve.

Helmut was researching the samples and had already contacted Dr.

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