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Timothy Jull, the current Director of the laboratory, to make the preliminary arrangements for the samples to be photographed. Charles Mader, who had a parallel interest in the research Helmut was doing and Holger Kersten, another noted German Shroud researcher and author.

Helmut, Charles and Holger each made tax deductible contributions directly to STERA, Inc.

Since many scholars over the years have used articles from Spectrum as references in their scientific and academic papers, we will retain all the original page numbers and page layouts so the online versions will remain consistent with the earlier printed references.

In our last update we mentioned that Australian Shroud scholar Rex Morgan, publisher of Shroud News back in the 1980's and 1990's, had given us permission to reprint select issues here on

As most everyone knows, each laboratory kept portions of their samples in reserve.

Helmut was researching the samples and had already contacted Dr.

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The British Society for the Turin Shroud page of this website has been updated and now includes every issue published to date of this important newsletter (# 1 through # 75).

These newsletters provide a wonderful view of the history and evolution of Sindonology over the past thirty years.

I think you will find them to be fascinating reading!

First published in 1982 and marking thirty years of continuous publication, every issue is now available here on!

As many of you know, we started publishing the newsletter in 1996 in the html format (as web pages) which were provided to us by a BSTS member.

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