Her first time dating another woman accommodating intraocular lenses cataract surgery

Once you’ve got her going, make sure you spend particular attention to her clitoris.

Most women need repetitive, consistent clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

I highly recommend using artificial lube when you’re fingering her.

You have a whole world of exploration at your fingertips! Now let’s jump right to eight crucial tips for anyone who wants to make a woman come with their hand.

Spend plenty of time warming up before you move between her legs.

Make out with her, kiss her neck, and nibble on her ears. When you start to work your way down, rub her crotch through her pants using your palm, or grind against her with your thigh or pelvis. Leave her underwear on and trace a fingertip up and down her labia.

Artificial lube will not only decrease her discomfort (and any potential pain), but it will also increase her sensitivity and help your fingers move more deftly.

I think silicone lubricant lasts longest and feels best against the skin.

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