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Moreover, in that era the rules of spelling were flexible, to say the least.

The different spellings used for the family name of the child and his father can be explained by the fact these names had perhaps previously been written down only rarely.

In 1608, Champlain proposed a return to the valley of the St.

Lawrence, specifically to Stadacona, which he called Quebec.

After Aymar de Chaste died in France in 1603, Pierre Du Gua de Monts became lieutenant-general of Acadia.

Godfather, Étienne Paris; godmother, Marie Rousseau. Aymar de Chaste, governor of Dieppe in Northern France, had obtained a monopoly of the fur trade and set up a trading post at Tadoussac.

Although the probability is slight, it is still possible that this document has nothing to do with our Samuel de Champlain.

If we are indeed looking at the baptismal certificate of our Samuel de Champlain, we can now say for certain that he was born into a Protestant family, most probably during the summer of 1574.

He visited Porto Rico (now Puerto Rico,) Mexico, Colombia, the Bermudas and Panama. He was an indefatigable explorer – and an assistant to other explorers – in the quest for an overland route across America to the Pacific, and onwards to the riches of the Orient.

[“Concerning the Primitives: Or Travels of Samuel Champlain of Brouages, Made in New France in the Year 1603”], Samuel de Champlain indicated that he was a native of Brouage in the Saintonge region of France.

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