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Such insurance should cover the role of the owner as a host.

Online relationships pose potential legal liability that an owner should consider insuring against.

Attorneys fees, filing, discovery and other costs including ultimately having to pay damages and even the other partys attorneys fees and costs can bankrupt a company.

Not all policies are created equal and there may be gaps in coverage in one policy versus another.The specific facts that apply to your matter may make the outcome different than would be anticipated by you.You should consult with an attorney familiar with the issues and the laws.These claims against the owner can arise whether the owner is the creator of that content or a licensee of some third party content.As with the offline world, any acquisition agreements with writers, artists, licensors and others should contain appropriate warranties and indemnities but these are often illusory if the warrantor has no or little assets to protect the owner. Sites containing content should definitely have a Terms of Use and Disclaimer appropriately posted on their site but under the present state of the law, the validity of such pages may be open to question and thus having insurance gives an added level of potential protection. Further, the owner should be aware of the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) with regard to how the owner must respond to claims made by third parties as to content posted on the owners site.I have previously written about Publishers Liability Insurance in which I discussed issues related to the world of offline, print publisher liability and the insurance coverage related to that activity.In that article I stated: The publisher should obtain specific coverage for any online activities since not all policies cover this type of business.Read The Notice and Take Down Provisions of the DMCA.While if be shielded from liability for copyright infringement, insurance is still a very good idea because there may be gaps in protection under the DMCA that insurance can cover.Any business that operates a web site, chat room, discussion area and otherwise engages in online activities is potentially vulnerable to claims and all those businesses should strongly consider such insurance.Thus, in this article I will refer to the operator of such businesses as the owner.

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