Iranians dating and education

It is impossible to imagine an Iranian city without a bazaar.

Iranian women and girls take great care in choosing the material, color, and style of their clothes.Crossing the roads in major cities is quite an experience.It feels like most of the drivers want to overtake you or run you over.It is used in architecture, in printing, and in arts and crafts.One member of the expedition plans to look at this in their work.After a morning stroll through the city, we headed to the Kandovan village not far from the city.There we saw amazing buildings built right into the rocks.That is done so that women inside can always hear who's come to visit them and if needed adopt the appropriate dress to meet their guests.Iranian cuisine was very different from what we expected, it is quite plain and not very diverse.Drivers act like there aren't any pedestrians and pedestrians like there aren't any crossings or lights, and in southern Tehran people just don't pay attention to them.Cars often drive onto the pavements, and special bollards have been erected to prevent this happening – even the thinnest of people would find it difficult to squeeze between them.

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