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Last month junior doctors in Britain went on strike for two days, protesting imposition of a new contract.

There’s a lot of anger about this, and admittedly when you’re being rushed by ambulance into the emergency department for sudden onset chest pain, “doctors are on strike today” is not something you want to hear. Of course you would support a doctor’s strike.” Okay, but I’m not a British junior doctor.

They seem to circumvent the law either by giving them a few weeks off afterwards and saying it “averages” to 48 hours/week, or else by doing what my hospital did – carefully schedule a 48 hour shift in big bold letters, assign 100 hours worth of work, and then get angry if anyone goes home before their work is done.

Senior gardaí told last night that the raids and arrests were the culmination of an investigation that had been under way since early last year.

Officers said details emerging about the sex abuse and exploitation of the young victims were "horrific".

Then again, technically American law caps junior doctor work weeks at 80 hours a week.

My first week on a non-psychiatry service as an American junior doctor, I worked a bit over 100 hours – and so did everybody else I encountered.

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