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Aroused, the dog is particularly alert and full of immense energy and courage. Covered with a profuse topknot which is lighter than the color of the body, highest at the crown, and tapering gradually to just back of the nose.

Noteworthy for endurance, Bedlingtons also gallop at great speed, as their body outline clearly shows. There must be no stop and the unbroken line from crown to nose end reveals a slender head without cheekiness or snipiness.

Physicians Weekly describes it as “the 48 hour trainee work week sham”, and the Telegraph and The Daily Mail both seem to agree that many British doctors are working 100 hour shifts.

They seem to circumvent the law either by giving them a few weeks off afterwards and saying it “averages” to 48 hours/week, or else by doing what my hospital did – carefully schedule a 48 hour shift in big bold letters, assign 100 hours worth of work, and then get angry if anyone goes home before their work is done.

Last month junior doctors in Britain went on strike for two days, protesting imposition of a new contract.

There’s a lot of anger about this, and admittedly when you’re being rushed by ambulance into the emergency department for sudden onset chest pain, “doctors are on strike today” is not something you want to hear. Of course you would support a doctor’s strike.” Okay, but I’m not a British junior doctor.

My first week on a non-psychiatry service as an American junior doctor, I worked a bit over 100 hours – and so did everybody else I encountered.

A graceful, lithe, well-balanced dog with no sign of coarseness, weakness or shelliness.

In repose, the dog’s expression is mild and gentle, not shy or nervous.

My normal instincts would be to question whether this is really necessary. I work in America, where I would describe conditions as “tough, but fair”. Cox yells at you a lot, but only because he secretly thinks you’re one of the best doctors ever to pass through the doors of this hospital.

My own specialty of psychiatry is a lot better than most and overall I have little to complain about in my own life.

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