J michaels gardnerville nv dating

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  1. Bored loser who must not have a job- Obscene and lonely- Has done this to a few other people- How sad for him- He must not have been touched in years- whether that's his anatomy's fault or his own sparkling lack of personality or originality, That's four you to decide- I hope he meets a woman soon, cause everybody needs somebody Have received numerous calls from this number at all times day and night- Spanish speaking woman who calls- I don't speak spanish but I had a friend call who does and explain that she was calling the wrong number and asked that it be removed from her listing and that she not call me again- Didn't work- My friend said it was some kind of specialty clothing outlet for Hispanics Calls from this number leave an automated message which begins "before the beep" so that the whole thing is not there- The message has a rather threatening tone and does not address me by name, but says that the legal system does not permit them to say what it is about in a voicemail message- I do not pick up calls from unidentified callers or unfamiliar phone numbers, so I won't be calling them back She said that she was calling from National Employment Center- I asked her what it was all about, she said it has to do with discussing employment opportunity- Then I said what employment, and she asked if I was the person she was looking for (by name) so I said tell me first what it was all about- She then said she was calling from Bank of America; and wanted to discuss some matter important issue- So I said employment matter?