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Or a scuba fish-collecting game with an RPG backbone. An easy way to look at it is like this: Instead of a battle system that earns you health, experience points, weapons and the like, substitute scuba diving.Underwater, you see things from a first-person perspective and you can move about, collecting a litany of valuable things.Still, I'm glad they're no longer necessarily Japan exclusive.Granted, I did beat the first Tokimeki Memorial on my PS3 with the help of a translation app, and even won over Shiori.The locals ridicule your crappy scuba gear, but a young female islander (Ellis) takes a fancy to you and after a few trials, you become a part of her scuba diving clan, the "Amigos." Cute, the Amigos, and there's three of them (in addition to Ellis). After learning more about the island, you discover many friendly types, villagers and local small business people who learn to like you, to do trade with, or once they find out you're a scuba "expert," compete with you. You find there's another group called Sea Dross, an "evil" syndicate that charges exorbitant fees to find sunken things for people.As you accept more challenges for individuals, you learn you're cutting in on their business while helping a few thankful individuals, which creates a nice tension throughout the game, but more importantly you it helps you to learn about the mysterious treasure that's haunted Leo's family for hundreds of years.It doesn't have to turn out to be my favourite as long as I've given it a try.Too bad this particular genre is mostly locked away in Japan, and though dating sims and romantic visual novels are starting to be localized or indie developed for Western audiences, it's almost exclusively the otome variety, and we can pretty much forget things like dubs or physical releases.

Why bishoujo games, the male equivalent which the genre was built on aren't being localized but otome games are is beyond me.

Maybe people didn't think there'd be a market for it.

Love is out there for everyone, but for some people, it's found within their computer screen.

The rest is for you to discover, my wet and wily friends.

Gameplay In truth, is a scuba-exploration game disguised as an RPG. Half the game is spent exploring underwater locales, while the other half is spent bartering, selling, buying and learning about the story.

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