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Other memorable roles followed in films such as In 1996, Dench won an unprecedented two Lawrence Olivier Awards for Best Actress and Best Actress in a Musical.In 1999, the same year she won her Oscar, Dench earned a Tony Award for her leading role in . She famously doesn't read parts before accepting them, choosing instead to rely on the word of her friends and colleagues to help her make a decision.In 1961, Dench joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, the start of a 30-year run with that playhouse that would see the actress take on every leading female Shakespeare role.But Dench wasn't just content with Shakespeare or drama.She loved to dress up and sing as her mother played the piano.Her first foray onto the stage came with the York Mystery Plays, where Eleanora helped out with the wardrobes and her father did some acting himself.

Dench continued work with the Old Vic for another four years.

But the actress later found love again with David, a 76-year-old conservationist, who she met in 2011, after he asked Judi to pen his new badger enclosure at his zoo in Surrey. The veteran actress even insisted at the time that the pair didn’t even have plans to live together. The actress admitted, “”[I’m] dealing with it, getting on with it, doing what I can do.

But although she appears to be happy in her relationship, you certainly won’t hear her refer to him as her partner.

"I'd never have thought of acting if it wasn't for Jeff," she has said.

Dench's innate talent and versatility, though, were hard to ignore.

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