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The matter was assigned Friday to the 2nd Circuit judicial council.The new allegations - which span decades and include not just those who worked for Kozinski but those who encountered him at events - bring the total number of women accusing the judge of inappropriate behavior to at least 15.Nancy Rapoport, special counsel to the president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas - wrote in a personal blog post how the judge had invited her to drinks during her clerkship for another 9th Circuit judge and remarked: "What do single girls in San Francisco do for sex?"Seven more women have since described their experiences to The Washington Post, three of them in on-the-record interviews.Her current husband, Dennis Miller, said that when he started dating Miller decades ago, she also told him of an incident in which Kozinski "tried to grope her."Many of Kozinski's accusers have talked only on the condition that their names and other identifying information not be published, out of fear that he might retaliate against them or the institutions for which they work.One lawyer said that Kozinski approached her when she was alone in a room at a legal community function in downtown Los Angeles in 2008 and planted a kiss on her lips.A former Kozinski clerk said Kozinski, in his chambers, showed her an "open-legged image of a male figure that was naked," although it did not have the "intent" of typical porn.Still, the former clerk said she was startled and soon went to talk to another 9th Circuit clerk about what had happened."I was pretty shaken about it," the former clerk said.

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She said he also tried to feed her with a utensil."I felt uncomfortable and just wanted to leave," Litman said. Court of Federal Claims judge, said that around early 1986 - shortly after Kozinski was appointed to his seat in the 9th Circuit - he invited her to attend a legal community function in the Baltimore area.Nine more women say that Alex Kozinski - a high-profile judge who sits on the U. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit - subjected them to sexual comments or other conduct, including four who say he touched them inappropriately.Kozinski, known for his libertarian views and colorful written opinions, already had been accused of subjecting several women to a range of inappropriate sexual conduct or comments, and the circuit's chief judge on Thursday took the first step in launching an investigation into his behavior.She said she stared straight ahead, and he soon dropped her off at her home.Miller said she told a friend and her husband at the time - both of whom are now deceased.The other former clerk confirmed their conversation.The former Kozinski clerk, who is the third to have described the judge showing her an explicit image in chambers, said the judge must have seen the dismay on her face, because he soon came to her to apologize and ask if she was okay."I said I was OK, but that was not the kind of thing I wanted to be exposed to, and he never showed me anything like that again," the former clerk said.I thought it was inappropriate, and it felt extremely entitled."Four of the woman's friends, two men and two women, said she told them about what had happened soon after the incident.One friend, Kathryn Ore, 31, then a fellow Montana student who was also at the event, said Kozinski "spent the whole time staring at my breasts" - for likely a minute or two - during a conversation they had."It was long enough and the context was weird enough that it kind of threw me," Ore said, adding that, while it was possible his gaze meant something else, "I don't think I misinterpreted."Leah Litman, 33, a law professor at the University of California at Irvine, said she, similarly, encountered Kozinski when they appeared together on a panel at her school in July to discuss Supreme Court issues.On Thursday, Assistant Circuit Executive David Madden said in a statement "one or more" of Kozinski's clerks had resigned. A 33-year-old woman said that when she was a student at the University of Montana Law School in 2016, Kozinski came to speak at an event.She said she encountered Kozinski at a reception afterward, and Kozinski - in an apparent attempt to see her name tag, which was partially obscured by her lapel - "very deliberately put his finger on the other side of my breast, and moved it, with some pressure" toward the center."It was shocking to me," the woman said, adding: "I thought it was wrong.

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