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But when women do speak, it’s worth listening – because they use more varied and thoughtful language than men.

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Also, women who are friendly and extroverted get propositioned the most, according to a study by David P. D., an associate professor of psychology at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

Women who say they're "not too happy" in their marriages are nearly four times more likely to have an affair than women who say their marriage is "very happy," according to a sampling of 544 adulterous adults who were polled by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC).

And nearly half of all women think an affair is perfectly okay if the marriage stinks; she's just keeping it together for the kids.

“I’ve sent many underage girls home in cabs.”Plenty of women willingly arrived at biker clubhouses, eager to party with the bad boys.

“We’ve been with the nicest broads, we’ve partied heartier, and these cops sit there for days [in surveillance] just watching.”Campbell had an extremely low sperm count because of a case of mumps he contracted as a child, which made him doubt several claims that he made women pregnant in these late-night romps.

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  1. Its rival Grindr is specifically designed as a gay dating app and social network, which is perfect for Hawaii, since the Aloha State has the highest percentage of people who identify as LGBT. You’re not fooling anyone with your “online dating” search. Sadly, porn usage is highest in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas, all states where sex education stresses abstinence, is not always mandated, and may not even be medically accurate.