Latitude no longer updating

Setting up breakpoints can aid in responsive app design.

It does this by watching width and height breakpoints.

(I already had KB888111 installed though.) However, it wasn't until I unzipped this file (as they recommended to a folder on the C: drive I created and named KB888111), was I able to get the "commonfiles" folder they refer to.

In this folder I found the files that seem to work for people, but not all (see my post above). I never did find anything named "Microsoft UAA Function Driver for High Definition Audio" and I'm still waiting for a reply to my post above yours.

You can update the driver by right clicking on the question mark item and selecting "update driver", or you can double click it and then go to the "Driver" tab and click on the "Update Driver" button. When you unzip the file you get from Microsoft, you will find the KB888111xpsp2file.

I tried double clicking and installing, but nothing happened.

Once you are in your device manager, you will most likely see a yellow question mark icon on the left.

You should check the data type of columns are correct after doing the following operations: Load data initially to the query tab, First Row as Header, Add column, Group by, Merge, Append, and before pressing loading the data for the first time.

If you need to override this order, for example for things like days of the week or months, then you can tell Power BI Desktop to sort by a different column.

Animations are also possible with the go To() method, which allows you to change or move the Map View from one extent to another.

Map View navigation is enabled by default and includes mouse interaction as described in the table below.

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