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After we got through the security gate, Hope was giving us tips about where to go to get to our section and not paying attention to where we were walking we nearly crashed into another group of people.

That group was LT and several members of stadium security escorting him to where he needed to be for the ceremony.

Whether it's through tailgating or training camp, it's an opportunity to make friends and have relationships with special people. One of the best people I have ever met, on BBI or elsewhere. In any event, Hope seemed to me (and by all other accounts) a warm generous person, who truly helped those she could, and impacted many lives here at BBI positively. Hope sent me many emails while I was in Iraq with the military.

In this sense, Hope was the mother of the BBI family. BBI and the world is diminished by Hope J's passing. I don't have much to offer to this thread other than my sincerest sympathies to both her close friends and family. She was always very uplifting and genuinly concerned about me even though we had never met.

But you could tell how beloved and special she was by the incredibly high regard in which the regulars here held her. Mercy on her soul and thanks to her family for bringing her into this world and letting us all be graced by her presence. Hope sent me to the corner more than anyone else here, and I deserved it each and every time. and even told me that she'd try to get me a eprsonalized autograph from Brandon because he left the BBI trophy presentation before I could get an autograph. BBI has lost a precious, core member of our family...a Giant among Giants fans. =:-( Every time I had a medical situation from cancer to my heart, Hope always was there for me on this board. We were a better world with her here but I guess God needed her more!! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Hope - ( New Window ) because everyone who knew you was so clearly already blessed by just knowing you, and in my case just hearing of the gracious things you've done and the words you typed. No exaggeration, that woman is the reason this community exists so strongly -- she was indeed the moral compass and sanity of this board.

This is really, really awful to hear, and may she Rest in Peace.So I find myself thinking about that today, that Hope was happy.Not just for having the chance to almost bump into LT, but for knowing that she had such a prominent positive impact on the lives of so many people around her. Pray for her as she would have and has prayed for all of you. For those of you that knew her personally, Kevin requests that you please do not call her mother. I just knew her from her post on here & I will miss her picture threads. Sorry for her family & those of you on here that knew her personally.As the details become available I will have someone post them here. I never knew her in person, and did not know her too well on BBI. I had the pleasure of meeting Hope on many occasions, the last time I saw her was at the Giants-Charges tailgate, and oddly enough I bumped into her at Sports Authority near the stadium that same day buying Yankees World Series stuff. This is just awful, awful news for BBI and the Giants as she was the epitome of the kind of fan any team would love to call their own.Tim she was in heaven because she felt like a Hope sandwich between two pieces of Barber bread. At this point I don't even know what else to say other then she will be missed.She was one of the first people I ever met off of BBI and one of the nicest.We swapped some pics, and she told me that she was there to help scatter some of Dave in MD's ashes, which she did do with Sam Madison's dad helping. Always willing to lend a helping hand, no matter how far out of her own way she had to go to do it. Hope had a heart of gold, as evidenced by her work with her church and the volunteer work she did in Africa .I had a chance to meet Hope briefly this past summer at camp and see her work her magic with Brandon Jacobs at the ceremony. RIP Hope On behalf of the Mara and Tisch families and all of our players, coaches and staff, I want to extend our sympathy to Hopes family and friends. I cant tell you how many times she contacted our organization on behalf of many of you to let us know how we might be able to lift a spirit or help celebrate a special occasion.I think the BBI family needs to do something to memorialize her, like calling the rnargi/BBI MVP award the "Hope J award" or something. we are praying for you and your family just as you did for many of us. this site will never ever forget your presence, it would not be what it is now without that special something that you brought to the table.i just hope that we can take a page out of your book and be a fraction of the class act you are.

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