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He not only wanted his million dollar contract renewed but was also fearful for his life...

Diana and I are two friends who get into a game that has consequences for one of us.

My engorged erection was pressed firmly the girls naked back and ass. My hands were playing with a pussy and they were playing with tits. I used both hands, spread the puffed pussy-lips with the fingers of one, and found the clit with the fingers of the other. Therefore, her pussy-hole had no natural vaginal lubrication.

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These were my favorite things in the world to touch. I couldnt believe that this little girls pussy was full enough to fill my hand. I kept one hand cupped to a tit and one cupped to her pussy.

She is kidnapped and assaulted in the back of a van on her way to a gang bang...

Sean gets coaxed into telling a detailed account of an old erotic adventure to his tennis partners roommate Carmen in an attempt to relieve her writer"s block problem.

The sordid kinkyness of his story leads to more wild fun than originally planned... Hart and his wife left their three daughters and son for several days at an African retreat.

They had no idea that their daughters and son would be exposed to black African lust.

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