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For the fourth year in a row, Arkansas had the lowest rate at 7 percent.

“No state wildlife agency employs regulations or encourages hunters to pass anything more than yearling bucks, yet the percentage of bucks 3½ years and older now surpasses 1½- and 2½-year-olds,” said Kip Adams, QDMA Director of Education & Outreach.

Many dance studios, fitness centers, and even gyms offer tons of dance options, from salsa lessons and line dancing to fitness-inspired options like Bokwa, a Zumba spin off.

Cost: $$Always wanted to check out kickboxing or Cross Fit but too shy to go solo? Many studios offer free or discounted intro classes so you can cheer each other on.

Plus, a couple hours in nature can boost creativity and reduce cortisol levels.Hunters in the Southeast shot 3 percent fewer bucks than in 2014-15.Midwestern hunters shot 10 percent more and hunters in the Northeast had an 11 percent increase. It includes state-by-state estimates of total buck harvest, buck age structure and more information.The QDMA found that of the 28 whitetail states collecting data on bucks, Mississippi was once again the top state for harvesting mature bucks.The same five states finished with some of the lowest rates of taking yearling bucks, as well.There’s something refreshing about spending time outdoors and picking your own locally-sourced produce.Plus, the loot is perfect for snacking, adding to a parfait, or whipping up healthy treats together (gluten-free apple crisp, anyone? Cost: $$Instead of Instagramming, give the smartphone a break and purchase a disposable camera.Keeping things fresh can increase relationship satisfaction and bring back those “butterflies” that we’ve all had on the first few dates, at the same time flooding the brain with feel-good dopamine Couples’ shared participation in novel and arousing activities and experienced relationship quality. Department of Psychology, State University of New York, Stony Brook, N. Journal of Personal and Social Psychology, 2000; 78(2): 273-84.The best part is you don’t have to look too far (or dig too deep in the wallet) to find fun and affordable date ideas.We’ve put together a list of 30 suggestions under that are guaranteed to pump up the fun and romance in your life.Get familiar with the cosmos (check out this handy guide if you’re new to astronomy) and head outdoors to see who can spot the North Star and Big Dipper first.

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