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You can also use a sharing invitation to direct another user to an online resource.

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With the course of time, however, new forms of media emerged.By default, RSS Feeds use the publishers’ update recommendations and update quite frequently.Sometimes, the publishers’ update recommendations may be not fit for you, and you need the RSS Feeds update more frequently or less.I'm not aware of anything that changed on my end to cause this -- I certainly didn't do anything with Sidebar or RSS -- and if I go into RSS Feeds/MSNBC News in Outlook I see the very latest headlines are being downloaded so if Sidebar uses the standard Windows RSS transport that's not the problem. I don't know if anything changed with the feed or not, but doing this should get the new one, or the same old one, going again. Sometime in the past 24 hours the widget started working again. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.You can create a sharing request by using the Create Sharing Item method of the Name Space object to create a Sharing Item object.The shared resource (a Folder object reference to the desired Exchange default folder) is used to establish the sharing context for the sharing request.I’m speaking about RSS feed readers for Microsoft Outlook.RSS Popper web-site The installation went in the way that most users would like it to go: in some minutes after running the installation wizard, I was informed that the add-in installed successfully.After Outlook starts, it’s no problem to find the RSS Popper menu: Well, what do we see?The ability to quickly switch processing of RSS feeds on and off using the item opens the available settings of the add-in: You can set the following parameters: time before the first refresh, refresh interval, default Outlook folder, disabling error e-mails, not refreshing RSS feeds when offline, adding a feed title to the default feed folder, and refreshing links through

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