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But her determination to bring down the gun-toting leader of the gang leads to unexpected tragedy.

Meanwhile, Okaro faces a tough time as the fraud investigations into his wife Denise's finances continue, and she is arrested, following the allegations of conspiracy to theft.

Another spin-off from the show, The Bill: Uncovered, was also introduced; a series of four one-off documentaries narrated by their main star, telling the story of a particular character's path or journey throughout their time at Sun Hill.

Episodes broadcast during this series include "Des' Story" and "Kerry's Story".

The DVD synopsis removes all titles, and tallies the episodes by number.An engineer arrives to fix the problem, but when he is knocked unconscious by Bradford, Ackland and Harman arrive to find out that Bradford is closer than anyone expected.Bradford promises to release Kane's kids in exchange for Kane as a hostage, but when Gold refuses, Okaro overrides her decision.Best is seconded to CID, and paired with Perkins, the pair investigate the mugging of a city trader by two homeless ex-servicemen.Perkins is disgusted by the world the traders inhabit and is frustrated when he learns that the mugging was a revenge attack.Carver's wife takes the stand in court, but despite testimony from Kent, Marie claims self-defence.When her son takes the stand, the true stories unravel.This series continues to use the serialized format previously introduced by Paul Marquess during Series 18.Storylines featured in this season include the departure of PC Cathy Bradford, after being uncovered as the murderer of Tanya Kane; the return of PC Des Taviner, who kidnaps PC Cameron Tait at gunpoint after discovering that his baby girl died whilst in Cameron's care; the departure of PC Nick Klein into witness protection after becoming the prime target of crime boss Dennis Weaver; the return of ill-fated ex-sergeant Don Beech, who concocts an elaborate plan to break out of prison and reclaim a haul of stolen diamonds; the death of PC Kerry Young at the hands of the Sun Hill sniper, who turns out to be none other than PC Gabriel Kent; and a long-running storyline involving the arrival of a crime family, the Radfords, who have history with DC Rob Thatcher - whose father died after being shot by Brian Radford during a security van raid.Stamp and Young arrest two teenagers, Curtis and Carla, on suspicion of mugging, but when Curtis admits stealing money from Carla's father, Reverend Andho, further investigation reveals that the minister has been skimming money off church funds, and that his theft has been authorised by Denise Okaro, the superintendent's wife.Meanwhile, Okaro has problems of his own, when the new Borough Commander, Louise Campbell, announces that she is on her way to see him - and he panics that he will be berated for his neglect in the Bradford incident.

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