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It is rare to see anyone who isn’t well-dressed — even if they’re just buying some milk from the grocery store.

We are a company that lives and works in the markets we serve.I thought I would share some of my women’s European fashion observations from living in Paris and from my travels throughout Europe.Hopefully these fashion tips will help you choose which clothes to bring on your travels and give you an idea of how to dress like an European.During the winter, you’ll see tall leather boots everywhere, but cute ankle boots are a popular choice during the rest of the year.When the weather gets warm, it’s time to break out the lightweight shoes.Need some tips on how to create the perfect messy bun? Photos from and Europeans live in shoebox-sized apartments, but they still manage to have an amazing collection of great shoes.European women, especially city-dwellers, live in high heels. these fashionistas have years of practice navigating cobblestone streets and tricky city sidewalks, so you might find yourself really struggling if you choose to wear a pair of sexy stilettos.Our goal is to help you meet that special person that you dream of.A women who is tender, caring, loving, and family oriented. Your age does not matter, it is your heart, your sincerity, and loyalty that they seek.I feel that it’s much more common to have small alterations done in Europe and those little changes make the clothes fit better.European women keep their wardrobes simple and classic.

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