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Ms Appleton and Mr Gallagher met in 2000 when he was the lead singer in Oasis and she was performing with All Saints. Appleton and Gallagher divorced in April last year.A judge has placed restrictions on what can be reported about the dispute.Baroness Shackleton, a relative of Nigella Lawson, represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana in 1996, and Sir Paul Mc Cartney in his 2008 divorce from Heather Mills.After winning a £24m settlement from Sir Paul, Ms Mills - who had demanded £125m - famously threw a glass of water over Baroness Shackleton in court, for what she said were "unpleasant comments".

Its wrong,” one follower commented, referencing Nicole’s doomed marriage to Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

Nicole Appleton has come under heavy mocking on Twitter in light of a night out with married-dad-of-three Paddy Mc Guinness.

The 43-year-old Canadian All Saints singer was spied out arm-in-arm with 44-year-old Paddy over the weekend.

Mr Justice Mostyn is expected to make a ruling next week on what other details can be revealed about the case.

Neither Mr Gallagher nor Ms Appleton, 40, made any comment as they arrived at the court.

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