No i did not know that michael was dating holly

Holly practices yoga, so Oscar refers Holly to a yoga class with an attractive teacher.

Holly agrees to a date with him, much to Michael's dismay.

This, in addition to feeling no connection with Jan's baby, prompts Michael to apologetically hug Holly and ask her out on a date, which she accepts, visibly moved.

Holly and Michael date, and on their third date have sex in the office (inadvertently leading to the break-in at the office).

In her early life, she held the position of hall monitor in middle school due to her geeky demeanor, and because of this, was a target of harassment by other students.During an attempt to put a raccoon in Holly's car, a Toyota Camry Solara convertible, Dwight is berated by Michael, who takes Holly's side and loudly proclaims that she is the "best thing that has happened to him and the company since World War II." Holly invites Michael to go out for dessert after Toby's going away party, but Michael turns her down, opting instead to go with Jan Levinson, who is pregnant and had asked Michael to be there as if he were the child's father.Michael had been courting Holly in the first episode of the season.Michael tells Holly he will treat her poorly in front of Jan during her baby shower because he has a vested interest in Jan's baby, which is not his.Despite being told of this, she is shown to be uncomfortable with Michael's attitude toward her.Hollis "Holly" Partridge Scott (née Flax) is a fictional character from the US television series The Office played by Amy Ryan.She was an original character, and not based on a character from the British version of the show.At the office, Michael proposes to her with the help of their co-workers.She and Michael eventually get back together, move to Colorado, marry and start a family together.Michael tells everyone that they are engaged upon his return, but later admits this is not true.When Michael comes to Nashua with Pam Beesly to give his lecture and find closure with Holly, she is not there because she is on an HR retreat.

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