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This requires me to cross-reference each of Mann’s species names with the current nomenclature using Ant Cat (which is more up-to-date than HOL).I type the old name into the search box and see whether it is valid, has been transferred to another genus, or is a junior synonym or homonym of an older name.For a really solid checklist, though, it’s also nice to have the page number of the original description. And remember, if the species was originally described under a genus different from the current one, the author and date go in parentheses “(Emery 1897): 581”.Next, I insert a bunch of columns after ‘Species Author Date’ and label them, Source1, Source2, Source3, etc.The most significant publication was Mann’s 1919 In order to generate a species list from Mann (1919), I search for the author in, and then click the citation link.This takes me to the Hymenoptera Online (HOL) page for Mann (1919).The proximate goal of this exercise it to produce a species list for Antweb.Down the line though, we also want to publish the checklist to make it easier for future researchers to do a thorough survey of the Solomons, and also to help broaden the global knowledge of ant species distributions. The names are coming from three primary pools: (1) specimens we collected in the field, (2) specimens we’ve examined in museum collections, and (3) species occurrences published in the literature.

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Unfortunately, there is no way I know of to easily determine where these latter records come from.I’m working with Evan Economo and one of his students on putting together a checklist for the ants of the Solomon Islands.I thought it would be a good opportunity to record my workflow in case I do one of these again, and in case someone else is looking to do a similar project.The easiest papers to mine are restricted to the Solomon Islands, and have a list of species separated by semicolons in the abstract or keywords.If this is the case, I copy the names to the appropriate Excel worksheet tab.I’ll use the ‘convert text to columns’ feature to make each name populate a different column in ‘Row 1’.Then I’ll select all the names and copy them to the clipboard. Once again, these names need to be vetted with Ant Cat to make sure they are valid. If the name is new to my master list, I add it, making sure to fill in all the appropriate fields, including the ‘Source’ field.Since this is my first source, I add ‘Mann, 1919’ and the full citation to the ‘Sources’ worksheet.Now it’s time to cross-check the master species list I’ve generated with the Mann (1919) list.These columns will serve to record what sources each species occurrence is drawn from.I also add a new worksheet that I name ‘Sources’ which I use to compile the full citations for all the literature records, websites, etc.

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