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I spend hundreds dollars in grocery shopping at this location since it of closeness to me.Bradley did end up buying the teen a dirt bike and also sent him explicit photos of her breasts and genitals.Police found text messages between Bradley and the teen where she called him 'daddy', as other messages said they both loved each other, court documents say.I feel that they should be given customer service focus classes and more lessons on how to use discretion on their lost prevention approach.They also need to be made aware that their job depends on the loyalty of the customer.It is very disturbing to see that although I’m seen in the store more than once a week they feel that it is necessary to observe or monitor my every move.I have never been in trouble with the law and nevertheless stolen from anyone.Bradley then promised the boy that if they engaged in sex, she would buy him a dirt bike and take him anywhere that he wanted to go, court documents say.The boy's parents said that she had permission to be at the home and was allowed to stay with the family for an period of time.There are many protocols that can be used without making anyone feel a target of any kind of discrimination.I am so appalled that I want to void cod going to do my grocery at this institution.

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