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John Wiley & Sons is the new publisher of research reports from Educational Testing Service (ETS), described as the world's largest non-profit educational assessment and research organisation.

Now the ETS Research Report series is available in Wiley Online Library.

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, ETS develops, administers, and scores more than 50 million achievement and admissions tests each year, at more than 9,000 locations across the USA and over 180 other countries.

ETS has developed a range of research programmes, covering psychometric and statistical methodology; educational evaluation; performance assessment and scoring; large-scale assessment and evaluation; cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology; and education policy.

'ETS’s research reports have presented research that is the forefront of the field, but these publications often have been overlooked.

Traditional folk music instruments have come to be used in lots of modern styles and eclectic ways in recent years. Russian national composer school acquired its individual shape rather late, only by the mid 19th century.Among the most popular operas on the world stage of the late 20th - early 21st cc are Boris Godunov by Musorgsky, Pikovaya Dama/Queen of Spades and Eugeny Onegin by Chaikovsky, Knyaz Igor/Prince Igor by Borodin, and Zolotoi Petushok/Golden Cockerel by Rimsky-Korsakov, all dating back to the 19th century.Of the 20th century's operas stand out Ognenny Angel/Fiery Angel by Prokofiev and Lady Mc Beth of Mzensk district by Shostakovitch. Russian romance means intimate lyrical songs that touch the soul, feelings set to music, and poetry that makes one cry and smile.Folk song and dance ensembles present old country repertoire with songs often blending pagan roots and Christian symbolism, songs either sad and drawling or merry, as well as dances - dignified and graceful or rollicking and vigorous, accompanied with traditional musical instruments (balalaikas, whistles, guslis, wooden spoons, bayan, etc.) and colourful costumes.These days enjoy the 'new folk wave' bringing together old traditions, modern technologies and experimental music styles. Ancient chronicles, epics and medieval foreign writers notes bear all evidence that the Slavs were extremely fond of music.Romance as music genre is a traditionally Russian type of music creativity: it is in romance that the so-called mysterious Russian soul has found ways of expressing its passions.Just recall the famous "Ochi Chyornie" (Black Eyes)! Sweeping various style definitions aside we would like to introduce you the most prominent singers of the 20th century who belonged to various genres.Index of All Articles on Russian Music Folk Music Russian Folk Music Instruments Classical Music in Russia Russian Opera Russian Romance, the Art of Sentimental Art Song Russian Great Singers of the 20th Century Author's Song Pop-Music in Russia Rock Music in Russia Jazz in Russia Punk Rock & Alternative Rock in Russia Country Music in Russia Celtic Music in Russia A Glimpse of Hip-Hop Culture in Russia Russian Sacred Music is certainly the oldest of them.The roots of Russian folk music date as far back as to the middle of the first millennium AC, when Slavic tribes settled in the European part of the present territory of Russia.Karamzin points out in History of the Russian State: The Northern Venedi (the old name for Slavs) in the 6th century said to the Greek Emperor that the major delight of their living was music and that on the road they usually took not weapons but citharas or gusli invented by them.As time passed by lots of new music instruments came to be used by folk musicians.

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