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If the original partnership agreement doesn't outline the terms of liquidation, a Liquidation Agreement may help to prevent disputes about the partners' entitlements and responsibilities.

Other names for this document: Partnership Dissolution Agreement A Liquidation Agreement is an agreement between two or more partners to end a business partnership.

In a business partnership, a distribution is a withdrawal, by a partner, of the business's income.However, you should note that the amount of deductions you claim cannot exceed the basis of your interest in the partnership in a given tax year.This is why filling out form 1065 is important as it calculates a partner's share.There are many reasons for ending a business partnership, but whatever they happen to be, a Liquidation Agreement can help make the process easier.With this document you can outline the details of the end of a specific relationship.Form 1065, also known as schedule K-1, is a tool you can use to calculate your share in a partnership.In the event of a partnership's liquidation, portions of the partnership are divided between each partner in the form of distributions.Just as the tax and accounting bases of a specific asset may differ, a partner’s capital account and basis in the partnership interest may not be equal for a variety of reasons.For example, a partner’s basis also includes the partner’s share of partnership liabilities.When a loss flows through to a partner, basis is reduced.A partner’s basis is not reflected anywhere on the Schedule K–1.

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