Patience dating single dad

I have had the privilege of growing up with my dad, who is an active senior and a loving father of five children in which my mother is deceased.

Unlike most families with a father in the home, my father was working most of time and we had very few days of quality time shared.

There were times when we were down to one working vehicle, that being a single cab pickup truck, and my parents piled five to six of us into that truck to drive the 30 plus miles to our church.

Even though we are not together, he treats all of us equally.Having an earthly example to relate to, my son was able to get a better grasp on the love of Christ because of the love of his Papa. “Papa” always listens, never raises his voice, and makes each child feel like they are the only one that matters.Thank you, Jesus, and thank you "Pops" for being a Christ like example of unconditional love to my children and me.My dad is the greatest because he loves unconditionally.My sister and I grew up in a divorced home, but others would not have known.In today's world, so many children have a misconception of God because of the way their earthly father acts.I am so blessed to be an exception to this seemingly new norm.My father is a great example of how Christ loves us and accepts us.If it weren't for him, my own child would be in a sad state of affairs.He has also met Jesus in the last 15 years, and, along with my mom, brought all of us into the Kingdom.He is just as the Bible says, "Me and my children shall serve the Lord." All of his grandchildren serve God also.

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