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This is the third time that Jane Seymour has appeared in Playboy and, in my opinion, it is her most tasteful shoot yet – or, at the very least, it’s the one that showed the least skin. In her interview with Playboy, Seymour discusses her assault at the hands of a producer, in 1972.After assaulting her, the producer threatened her with serious consequences if she told anyone her story.He might fall in line and he might not, but there is no harm in trying, at least no harm for you. To his credit, he was very honest about the other women, plus his girlfriends would text her pictures in case she needed proof. Even though she decided to stay with him (for now), she has smart tools to find a new guy if she wants. Whether I like it or not, she is in the relationship that she wants. I like the first option, because it’s safe and almost a little predictable. And when he does contact you — and he will — mimic his form of communication and then cut it short. Don’t go to his house or let him come to yours — always cut the date short. She finally got fed up and wanted to end it, but first she wanted to go out with a Bang. Men and woman are alike in that everyone who approaches might not be the ideal match. A guy who sees you as his dream bunny will not treat you this way.

What do you think of Jane Seymour’s decision to appear in a Playboy shoot at age 67?

Second, I see her decision to appear in Playboy as a fantastic example of a woman making a conscious decision to shatter aging stereotypes.

Finally, I respect her decision to speak out about her own experience with sexual assault.

It’s going to make dating way easier for you if you’re shy or introverted… 😉 But before I tell you exactly what you can do, I want to introduce myself! I’m a host for Playboy Radio, and last year I was named Ok Cupid’s most popular female user.

It’s safe to say I know a lot about sex and online dating.

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