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I did complain to the providers but they said there's nothing that can be done. Regarding the horse issue, this seems to be common on dating sites along with women posing on 'their' Harley's. Are the horses sort of a symbol for what they want in a man?And, is it just me or are there loads of girls on there (and other sites I've tried out) that own horses!?!? And are the harley's supposed to show she has a wild side or a lot of money or both? I make about the national average and I can't afford a harley now.What's more, the messages I received were from very, very desirable women. It seemed too good to be true and I am sure all of these were made up by the site to extract money from innocent naive people like me. I am now convinced that all the 'contacts' I have received have been generated by software.

Hmm, interesting to see the comments about the main plentymorefish site.

But after swapping a few messages with a couple of them I noticed a few patterns forming.

Both seemed to ignore what I was sending in my messages and just send me some random stuff about what they did at the weekend.

When I contacted the members via their personal emails, each replied with explicit photos and asking for age verification before meeting up.

To verify your age they sent a link which requires your credit card details.

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