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Glossop was the first user of Highcon’s Euclid and then Beam digital cutting and creasing devices.

And if you look at the beauty bloggers and vloggers, the first thing they talk about is the packaging.Much disruption and loss of business ensued, with the astonishing outcome being that Essentra then decided to shut down the Newport cartons facility altogether just a year after it had opened, taking a £35m hit in the process.Indeed, a common theme among the independent players is that they are able to play to their strengths, by offering the sort of flexible service that might not necessarily be on offer from a larger group.“Every two-to-three weeks we’ll have an urgent order where a customer is short on something.They rely on people like us to help.”“There’s a lot of goodwill and loyalty involved in our business.You feel for your customer and want to make it happen for them. You’re dealing with the decision maker, and people care.”And while there is understandably much focus on the exterior of cartons to deliver that all-important shelf appeal, Celloglas recently carried out a micro-experiment with the Retail Institute, looking specifically at the effect of different interior pack finishes: shiny gold, matt black and plain.A Smithers Pira report on luxury packaging, published last year, pointed to continuing growth in that part of the market, with much attention on ‘premiumisation’ – the development of packs that promise a luxurious experience within.“Packaging sets the tone; it’s the first interaction the customer has with the product.Alexir Packaging chairman Robert Davison, who is also chairman of the BPIF Cartons special interest group, says the average return on sales across the sector is 2%-2.5%, “which is pretty small for the sort of investment that is required in this environment.”There are headwinds for the folding carton sector that have a lot of commonality with the printing industry in general: the negative impact of uncertainty caused by Brexit, and rising input costs due to unfavourable exchange rates, although anecdotally it seems that such increases are easier to pass on than in commercial print.“The first trials took place before Christmas, and a full programme is being organised for 2018.We are looking at gaining accreditation so that Apprenticeship Levy funds can be used for it.The PLC acquired Clondalkin’s Specialist Packaging division in a 5m deal in 2014.As part of the consolidation that followed it decided to relocate the former Clondalkin Great Harwood and Northampton operations to a new plant at its Newport centre of excellence.

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