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Moon Menagerie is hosting a meetup on Saturday, March 31 from 12 - 1.Our locations is on the third floor of the Hynes outside of room 313!The Nines, by design, will be looking for Air Traffic Controller to be as adventurous as it wants, and Munro says he finds the lineup pretty inspiring."I would've gone to this festival myself if we weren't playing," he says.To understand what the new Nines festival is all about, just look at the two Boston bands it chose to place on the bill: Air Traffic Controller and Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys.

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All of the participants (and ticket info) can be found on the Nines website.Scott will be leading the trek across genres looking for new releases and hot shows as well as just checking in with the people who make Boston such a great place to listen.ul.website_links, #posts_module ul #posts_module ul #page_container, .page_container .page_sub_body div#playlist_container div.player_controls div#global_player div.player_controls span.playlist_play_button, span.playlist_pause_button a.track_name span.track_options .page_column_narrow .page_column_narrow .player_wrapper .block_ad_container .module_header, .page_header .module.page_wrapper ul .no_content #friends_module p.nodisp #friends_module ul li div.result_item .page_column_narrow .module_wrapper ul li .header_cap_right a div.player_controls div.page_sub_body h3 #comment_module h3.module_header .playlist_container .list_options .page_container .block_ad_container .listener_profile .page_column_narrow div.track_meta_list, .listener_profile .page_column_narrow div.track_meta_list p .listener_profile .meta_mini_image .listener_profile .meta_mini .listener_profile .prev_next_link_container img .listener_profile .listener_profile .page_header .listener_profile .page_column_wide .horizontal_list.vertical_format li.album .listener_profile .module_header .listener_profile .page_column_narrow .border_light #listener_profile_posts_index #posts_module ul #listener_profile_posts_index h4 .listener_profile .listener #body_inner h4 #comment_module ul .horizontal_list.vertical_format li.photo .image_container .detail_label .detail_label:hover /****Button Color****/ span.playlist_play_button, span.playlist_pause_button, a.options_button, .button_expand.colored a, .button_expand.colored a span, .small_button.colored a, .small_button.colored a span, .button_expand.colored a:hover, .button_expand.colored a:hover span, .small_button.colored a:hover, .small_button.colored a:hover span, .event_row span.event_cal_month, #poster_refresh:hover, a.track_like:hover, .playlist_item .track_options a.track_like.selected, .playlist_item .track_options a.track_like.selected:hover, .detail_previous_next a:hover, .promonote_speech, .promonote_speech_arrow, .album_highlight a:hover, a.j Scroll Arrow Up, a.j Scroll Arrow Down, a.j Scroll Arrow Up:hover, a.j Scroll Arrow Down:hover, .view_more:hover, .player_volume .volume_meter, .playlist_item:hover .track_options_menu_button, .playlist_item:hover .track_options_menu_button:hover, .button_player .play_button, .button_player .pause_button, .detail_label:hover, a.play_launch, a.share_playlist_button, img.online_now_icon, a.track_remove:hover /****Button Color****/ a.image_container:hover img, div.played_progress, .view_more:hover, a.share_playlist_button /****Text Link Color****/ a, a:hover, .profile_nav ul li.profile_nav_selected a, #profile_nav ul li.profile_nav_selected a:hover, #poster_like:hover, #announcement_module a /****These Styles Reset the Blue****/ .pvblue div.Look for Chibi Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Queen Serenity! PHOTOSHOOT ORDER: If you have any suggestions, let us know and we will consider it! We will be timing each group, giving you about a minute or so to do whatever you'd like and then calling the next group to keep it efficient.- Sailor Moon/Serenity/Usagi - all forms - Sailor Mars/Rei - all forms - Sailor Mercury/Ami - all forms - Sailor Venus/Minako - all forms - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto - all forms - Sailor Pluto/Setsuna - all forms - Sailor Saturn/Hotaru - all forms - Sailor Neptune/Michiru - all forms - Sailor Uranus/Haruka - all forms - Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa - all forms - Tuxedo Mask/King Endymion - all forms - Helios - if applicable - Villains - if applicable - Cats - if applicable - All Inner Scouts (all forms - Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter) - All Outer Scouts (all forms - Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Chibi) - Moon Family (Serenity/Usagi, Chibiusa, Tuxedo Mask/Endymion, Helios, Cats) - all forms - Sailor Neptune Uranus / Michiru Haruka - all forms - Sailor Mars Rei / Sailor Venus Minako - all forms - Sailor Mercury Ami / Sailor Jupiter Makoto - all forms - Sailor Saturn Hotaru / Sailor Chibi Moon Chibiusa - all forms - Artemis Luna - if applicable - Sailor Moon/Serenity/Usagi Tuxedo Mask/King Endymion - Helios Chibiusa - if applicable - Sailor Scouts (FUKUS ONLY) Villains - Full Group See you all very soon!"The Nines has a three-pronged attack that's like our shows.We are an amalgam of music, theater and the best circus you've ever seen," says Edrie, the accordion-wielding member of the Army of Broken Toys.She and Sickert spoke by phone from the Toys' design lab and noted that they were also drawn to the festival's eclectic programming."When we put together our shows we don't like to have bands that necessarily always play together," Edrie says.The entire roster of performers at the Nines reads like a top shelf of independent-minded bands cutting across alt-pop, post-rock, hip-hop, and R&B. Dog, Delta Spirit, Shuggie Otis, Matt Pond, Walk Off the Earth, Kid Koala, and K Flay plus Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys and Air Traffic Controller.A comedy tent will feature six comics chosen by the Comedy Studio's Rick Jenkins.

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