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From May to July 2013, the art department, helmed by production designer Andrey Ponkratov, worked on constructing the set.Principal photography took place from August 1 to November 8, 2013, with a total of 67 shooting days.Quite often that is represented in it white, is black, and vice versa.God, pointing Job to the Leviathan, suggests to see in this mythical being - not a monster, but a miracle, and not to be afraid of it, not to try to destroy it in horror, and to admire it, to see its beauty, and not to grumble in vain.The second version of the script, now going by the name Leviathan, was completed in the fall of 2012 and brought together references to the American tragedy of Marvin John Heemeyer, the biblical story of Job and Thomas Hobbes' philosophical treatise involves more people than any other Zvyagintsev film, with eight central characters.There are over 15 characters in total, all gradually drawn into the swirling funnel of the film's drama. Several months elapsed between Vladimir Vdovichenkov's auditions and his confirmation in the role.The story of conflict between the individual and the authorities is universal.

This was very important for cultivating relationships and imbuing Kolya's house with vibrancy and the spirit of life itself.This version was set in Russia, but retraced the events of the American tragedy, including the protagonist's rampage.The script abounded with expletives, which did not sit right with the film's producer, Alexander Rodnyansky, and prevented the project from going ahead at that time, in 2011, immediately after the completion of .The final choice fell on the village of Teriberka, perched on the shore of the Barents Sea (Murmansk Region).So it was in Teriberka that the indoor/outdoor set of Kolya's house was built, consisting of a two-story wooden house, a repair shop and a greenhouse.Having lost hope of winning the fight for his property rights after going through all the rounds of the judicial and executive bureaucracy, he outfitted a multi-tonne bulldozer with bulletproof armor, literally sealed himself inside the cabin and drove out of his workshop.He destroyed all the buildings at the cement plant, completely demolished the fence that had been cutting him off from the outside world and headed into town.A little later, the director came across a text which was the retelling of a medieval chronicle dating back to Martin Luther ().The plot of this novella, written by Heinrich von Kleist, closely resembled Heemeyer's story.During that period, Vdovichenkov received an offer of a part in a British film called Black Sea, directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring Jude Law.Vdovichenkov had already verbally agreed to the British film when he was informed that he had got the part in Leviathan.

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