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We have learned to jump from one lover to the next with a fickle-ness unique to our generation.

After all, why would you spend your valuable time and effort on trying to make it work with your current relationship/lover when you can just pick up your phone and get ten new ones, just the same? Everyone is an individual, and the man next to you is not going to treat his lovers in the same way as the man across from you.

However, this kind of self-commodification is unfortunately integral to our society.

There has been a huge shift in the last 10 years towards freelancing, entrepreneurship and sole trading – we are the ‘slashie’ generation, after all – with creatives often having to run ten jobs just to make ends meet.

Or hopping on the next flight to Spain, having eligible bachelor #342 meet you at the airport.

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I’ve had countless conversations on the subject of dating and all its messy counter-parts; of all the things I do, matchmaking is the one I receive the most questions about.

And secondly, we need to practice connection and focus. Our dating parties have a fairly traditional set-up; four minutes a date, and at the end of the four minutes you give the person a yes or a no.

What sets us apart is the crowd that attends, the venues we choose, and the DJs that play.

People become no more than faces and fantasies, disposable and interchangeable.

Likewise, we are extremely conscious of the way our online presence effects the way we are seen in the world. We post selfies and you-wish-you-were-heres on Facebook/Tinder/Snapchat/Instagram. The ease with which we can manipulate this mask, breeds not just superficiality, but social isolation, feeding back into the cycle.

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