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has plenty of incredibly useful search features to choose from.You can do a standard search where it looks for someone who matches the criteria you’ve set – such as age and location, or you can use a whole variety of filters from values and hobbies to salary.Probably the best thing about searching on match compared to other UK dating sites we tested is the sheer amount of people online.

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In case that all sounds a bit picky you can also search by ‘Love Your Imperfections’ where people list their foibles from snoring to clumsiness!

Imagine walking into a bar and instantly knowing not just who’s single but how many of them share similar values and goals to yourself.

And people wonder why online dating’s getting more and more popular!

And you can even keep out those members who don’t have a photo displayed on their profile.

However, we advise you to keep an open mind – by filtering you can also accidentally filter out someone who just might turn out to be a true gem!

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